Your Scent Experience


If creating your own scent and bath treat sounds fun, you come to the right place! The process starts with choosing a jar, selecting scents, designing a label, and creating your custom-scented bath or body care product takes about 30 minutes.

The home or body products you create will be ready to take home the same day.


1. Your experience will begin with selecting the product and jar you will be crafting. 

2. Next visit our Scent & Flower bar to select your favorite scents and flowers to customize your body care. 

3. We stock 90+ fragrances; finding your favorites is as simple as following your nose! Pop the lids off sample scents and make a list of your favorites. To enhance any product we offer a rich variety of dried flowers and crystals to add in. 

Don’t worry if they go well together — our Scent Tenders will help you create combinations for any occasion.

4. While we are mixing your creation, create your product label to complete the final step.

5. Your custom Scent Experience will continue for weeks to come with your custom-made bath or body care product to go home with and enjoy.