How to Create a Home Flower Bath

Self Care Tip: How to Create a Home Flower Bath

Re-create a flower bath experience at home!

The basic things you will need:
a candle and a lavender bath bomb and/or

-Your favorite essential oils
-Himalayan Sea Salts
-Coconut Milk
-Flowers (fresh flowers from Trader’s Joe’s are our favorites)
-Or dried flowers as well

Allow the water to fill up the tub to your desired temperature. Once its full, add a few drops of essential oil or  your bath bomb and then add the flower petals

Allow yourself to lay comfortably in the tub, you can use a towel as a pillow.

Scoop a small amount of Shea Sugar Scrub in your palm and use the mixture to scrub your body. The oils and honey will add to the water adding a cleansing agent as well a moisturizer. Then all you have to do is close your eyes, lay back and breathe in the essential aroma and relax.


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